Nestled in the plains of Waikato, Whenua House draws inspiration from its Maori namesake, "Whenua," meaning plain. The design is harmony with the surrounding landscape. It emphasizes simplicity and a connection to the vast, open horizons of the region.


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Box 1986, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140
We wanted this home to feel like part of the plains, so we drew large windows to catch the wide views. The house is one floor to keep things simple and let the inside connect smoothly with the outdoors. Simple lines and a modern style to appreciate this elegant living.
Step into Whenua House, and live right into the plains. Expansive windows capture the wide views, making the outside feel like part of the inside. We kept it simple with one floor to make living easy and smooth. Clean lines and modern style, creating a comfy and elegant home in the heart of the plains.

At Whenua House, the experience is about simplicity. Your everyday living becomes a retreat surrounded by the wide-open fields.